Hathi Baba’s and Illuminated Elephants (eng)

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006India, Ashram Hardwar.


Back in 1974, after traveling as an international roving tribe of artists in Europe, North Africa & the Middle East, we adopted the name of one of our teachers in India, Hathi Baba, and for a few years, Svante, Tove, Ria, Gerda, Andrés, Pernille, Alberto and our first three children, Odin, Oliver and Mayura, became “Los Hathis, which means in hindi, “The Elephants” 

019-Hathis -Ram Prassad Dass08.Hathi Babas nace en Bodh Gaya, en campamento tibetano con amigo Sol

Living and learning in different ashrams and with tibetan teachers in Asia 

09.INDIA,Hathis en costa del Bengala en Puri

The seed of “Hathi Baba´s, the Transit Ashram Commune” in India – 1974

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 One year latter, we arrived to Mexico, and integrated new members to our tribe

10.Base de San Jerónimo-DF en 1975 antes de salir a EUA copy

 “Los Hathis” rehearsing our first multimedia performance in San Jeronimo,

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 After touring Mexico and Guatemala, we went up North to California, and changed our name to “the Illuminated Elephants” in 1977

Performance IE0140 (kopia)

14.Obra del Viking Yule en San Francisco Ca ,1976Creating plays based on the legends and myths  from  the many cultures we visited in our journeys

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Until 1981 that we returned to México, living with many indigenous communities on our way South

06.PictIE adieu Ukiah

01.Buses en Sonora, Sitio de la pelicula Catch 22, 1980

01IE music group

 Presenting the Elephants show “The Beginning” in many villages plazas & theaters from the main cities of the country


Bild (58) copymusic IE

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Until 1982, that we decided to settle down and build our own village in Huehuecoyotl, up in the mountains of Morelos